The New Install Process - Information & FAQ for Fiber & Voice Services

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So you've just chosen SECOM as your new provider!

Thank you! We know you have a choice when it comes to who provides your internet and phone lines, and we're glad to be that choice. We at SECOM are committed to providing you the best customer experience, all the way from the time you speak with our Sales team to your services are installed and tested.

Once your contract has been signed, our Sales team will pass you off to the SECOM Implementation Team. Implementation will manage your project through all of its different phases, keeping you aware of your install date(s), construction progress, and anything else that you may want to be aware of.

Some people find it best if they only have the install date to worry about. Others, depending on the size of the project, like to know much more! We're here for every type, and we'll be as involved as needed to ensure the installation goes smoothly, whether it's a 60-phone system or a simple install.


Once the Implementation team has the order, we'll be in contact. We like to call you and send an e-mail out initially, introducing ourselves and setting the scope of the project. During the initial phase, we'll:

- Verify the products & services you ordered, just to make sure all your needs are covered.

- Introduce the timeline & install date(s) for your project.

- Go over the construction happening on the SECOM side, such as whether the fiber is coming in aerially, via telecommunications poles, or whether it will be underground, done by boring or trenching.

- Ask about 3rd party machines, such as credit card machines, fax machines, printers, and anything else that might need to be updated or changed when your Internet/Phone services are switched to SECOM.

- All other pertinent questions or issues as they arise.


*If you have a larger phone system, such as one of SECOM's Hosted PBX products, we won't be able to schedule you until all of the necessary information has been gathered. We want to make sure that you know the product you're getting, and that it will completely meet your needs before it's deployed to you.


After the initial contacts, and once we've ensured that everything is prepared and ready, the Implementation team will remain in touch with you throughout the process, asking or taking questions as needed and keeping you posted of where we are during the build or prepping stages. We'll also call you a few business days before your install, just to make sure that you'll be on-site when our installers are, to answer questions, direct our installers, and get what you need.


Once your install is completed, and the installers have tested your services, we'll send you your Circuit Acceptance letter, which will have the details of your services and a unique Circuit ID that you can use to call into SECOM's local support team.


This transition is simple - there are two ways to contact our support team, if, post-install, your services aren't working or you need to make changes. The first is through our toll-free number: 800-657-7149. The second is through e-mail, Either of these methods will open a track-able ticket with local support, meaning your calls and e-mails won't go unnoticed, and we'll track it until a resolution is found.




Q: When should I disconnect my current services?

A: Wait until SECOM has installed and tested your services with us, first. Once everything works the way you want it to, then you can call your old provider and disconnect with them.


Q: What's a point of contact, and who should I have as mine?

A: A POC, or point of contact, is the person who you want coordinating the install on the customer side. This person is responsible for providing all of the information needed to SECOM and agreeing to be there during the install itself. If you have an IT person, please keep them involved with all of the changes going on. The same applies if you have a phone person or 3rd party phone support company you use.


Q: Who needs to know about my changes?

A: Your users if you have them, and any 3rd party companies responsible for connected devices, like credit card machines, fax machines, printers, alarms, and more.


Q: What do I need to have ready at my house/business?

A: The most common thing you'll need is a router. If you have a 3rd party router provided by your old Internet provider, it won't work since it's locked to their service. You'll want one that you own yourself! SECOM's happy to provide suggestions for this, or we offer a product called the Gigacenter, or 844G that can provide the same functions.

You'll also want a few other things, like a 3 foot by 3 foot space to place our demarcation device, and available power there.


Q: Why does it take so long to build fiber?!

A: If SECOM is building to you, it's construction - meaning we need permits and build time worked into the equation. If you're in an area where we already have ready and available 'ports' for the fiber, you'll see your wait time be a lot lower.


Q: Help! I forgot to mention all the services we needed, or I need to make a change to what I ordered.

A: Don't worry, just let your Implementation Coordinator know, and they'll take care of the change for you. They'll send any necessary changes to the Sales team member who originally assisted you, and you'll get an amended contract that shows the correct products & services ordered.


Q: How involved do I really need to be with this process?

A: It's up to you! We'll do our best to prepare your services, only asking the questions we feel are necessary. We've found, especially with business phone service, that it's best to stay involved so you get what you want. Nothing's worse than, on install day, having to request a lot of changes to your brand-new services because they don't work the way you want them to. These things can usually be avoided by working with the Implementation team and getting that information delivered before your day of install.


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