Getting Started With Your Business Analog Line

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SECOM Business Phone Service

Basic Features:
Caller ID Presentation: *82
Caller ID blocking: *67
Call forwarding: *72 Enable / *73 Disable

3-way calling
Call transfer

Automatic Recall: *69

Do not disturb: *78 Enable / *79 Disable

Speed dial

Call Waiting

Anonymous call rejection: *77 Enable / *87 Disable

Selective Call Rejection: *60 Voicemail *98

Advanced Features also included in your package:
Distinctive Ring: Priority calls that match specific criteria alerts via a distinctive ring.

Find Me / Follow Me: Allows you to define call routing capabilities for incoming calls ensuring calls always reach desired recipients.

SimRing: Simultaneously ring several different phone lines, it can even be your cell phone!
Voicemail and messaging options:
Voicemail box

Access via the web: Browse to from your computer, smartphone, or web enabled device

Username: your 10 digit phone number (no hyphens) Voicemail Pin: Provided by Secom CommPortal Password: Provided by Secom

Access from your home line: Dial *98 once you receive dial tone, and follow the prompts to enter your password.

Access from anywhere:  Dial 1-719-363-1990 from a touch tone phone, anywhere. *Long distant rates may apply

For more information please contact SECOM Support at

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