Internet service is down (no internet) self help checklist

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If you lost connectivity to the Internet, here is a list of some things you can check:

  • Power - Ensure all of the devices have power.  This includes the Secom equipment, your router, and any other access points or switches you may have in your network.
  • Connection - Check the link between the Secom equipment and your router, if either device doesn't show a link light, then there is a problem.  Could be with the cable connecting the two devices, or try resetting your router.
  • Recent Changes - Sometimes when making changes on other parts of your network you may have inadvertently affected your local network from being able to get to the internet.  Try reversing the change, and see if that helps.
  • Reboot equipment - This is the fix for most problems Secom customers have when reporting their internet is down.  Simply rebooting (powering off and back on) the router, switch, or wifi access point will often clear up the issue.

If after checking those items, you are still having problems, open a ticket with us, and we will get you fixed, lickety split (that's really fast)!  If you have internet services, but it is slow.  Trying doing a speedtest and view this article for more help.

Residential customers (wireless) - call 719-384-8583 (toll free 1-888-798-7783) or open a ticket

Business customers (fiber) - call 719-383-1349 (toll free 1-800-657-7149) or open a ticket

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    the internet service to our gift card machine is down and needs restored.

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