Using CommPortal for voicemail messages, settings, and call handling

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What is CommPortal?

CommPortal is the user friendly web app that allows you to view calls and message notifications and listen to voice messages (voicemail), easily forward your line, and do advanced features like setting up a schedule, or emailing a voicemail to a colleague or friend.

Accessing CommPortal

  1. From your web browser, browse to
  2. Enter your credentials:10 digit telephone number no hyphens
    (Example: 7193631990)
  3. Password: Use the Secom supplied password for new accounts, or your current password if you have already setup your account.  If you've forgotten or misplaced your credentials, open a ticket with us and we can get it reset.


Using the Dashboard

The Dashboard view of CommPortal is the screen gives you visibility to the most commonly used items in regards to your voice service

From the Dashboard you can:

  1. Check Voice Messages
  2. See your missed calls
  3. Lookup contacts
  4. Change your call manager settings to forward your phone, etc.


Messages & Calls

The Messages & Call screen allows you view your calls and messages conveniently grouped by the message or call type.  Click on the appropriate tab to see your Voice Messages, Missed calls, Dialed calls, Received calls, Rejected call and your Deleted voice messages.


The contacts tab is where you go to add new contacts or groups, Import contacts into CommPortal, or Export your contacts from Commportal

Call Manager

Call Manager screen allows you to handle your incoming calls.  You can setup rules, send calls straight to voicemail, forward to another number, or have calls managed differently depending on the time and day.



The Apps screen lists all the Apps you can install on your device (PC, Mobile, etc) such as CommPortal Assistant, Accession mobile client and others.

CommPortal Assistant (application)

CommPortal Assistant is a Windows application that you can install on your Windows based computer.  It gives you the same functionality as CommPortal but with a few additional features.  You can use these features which will allow you to easily see and listen to messages, sync contacts from Outlook, and quickly dial numbers or contacts from the toolbar widget.

Installing CommPortal Assistant

  1. Access your CommPortal account (Instructions are above)
  2. Click on the Apps tab
  3. Click the link to install on your XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 computer
  4. Follow the prompts to complete the installation, you may need to reboot your computer after installation is complete


The settings tab allows you to change the different settings associated with your voice service, including: Account, Call, Message, and Notification settings

Account Settings

How to change your CommPortal password and/or TUI PIN

  1. From either CommPortal or CommPortal assistant dashboard, click on Settings tab and then Account sub-tab
    1. To change your CommPortal password (this is the password you use when accessing CommPortal) click the Change link
    2. To change your TUI PIN click Change that corresponds to Voicemail PIN 



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