Accessing(Dialing) voicemail via the Telephone User Interface (TUI)

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Voicemail Telephone User Interface (TUI)

Accessing the TUI

SECOM’s Telephone User Interface is one method for our customers to access their voicemail messages and change their settings.

There are a few options for accessing the TUI:

  • Dial 1-719-363-1990 from a touch-tone phone anywhere
  • Dial *98 from your SECOM landline
  • If you have SECOM’s Hosted PBX platform, press the “Voicemail” or "Messages" key

Follow the prompts to retrieve messages, work with your greetings, or change your settings.

Changing/Initalizing your TUI Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  1. Before can you access your voicemail messages, you will need to initialize your account by configuring a PIN or if you are an existing customer whose PIN doesnt meet the new requirements, you will need to change your PIN
  2. To proceed with changing your voicemail TUI PIN choose one of the above options for Accessing the TUI.
  3. Once you access the TUI it will prompt you for your PIN followed by the # key (if you access your voice mail by dialing the 719-363-1990 attendant, you will prompted for your 10 digit phone number and then your PIN)
  4. After you have successfully logged in you will hear a message from the attendant indicating
    "You have reached subscriber services and you need to initialize your account by entering a new password"
  5. At this point you will need to enter your new PIN
    Note: New PIN must be at least 6 characters and no longer than 20, and must not be the same PIN you are currently using
  6. You will then be prompted to re-enter your PIN
  7. Once you have successfully re-entered your PIN you will be able to access any voicmail messages you may have and make any changes to your settings by following the prompts


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