Polycom VVX 410 User Guide (In progress)

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Video overview of Polycom VVX410


Button Layout for the Polycom VVX410 Phone

Phone Icons

Below is an infographic showing all the icons you may see on your Polycom VVX410 phone.

Figure 1-A

Using your Phone

Your phone has three main views: Home, Calls and Lines

  • To Change Views:
  • For Home  view, press 
  • From Home view, press to display Lines view
  • From  Lines view, press the Navigation/Select Key Right to view placed Calls; press the Navigation key down to view Missed Calls; press the Navigation key left to view Received calls.

 Placing calls

Use any of the following options to place a call:

  • Pick up your handset, then dial the number. Wait a few seconds and the phone will dial automatically or Press the Send softkey to dial immediately.
  • Dial the number then press the Speaker button.
  • If you're using an attached headset dial the number then press the Headset button 
  • To call from your callers list, press the Navigation/Select key right, left, or down to view your callers list. Select the appropriate number then press the Dial soft key. This must be accomplished from your Lines view.

 Answering Calls

Incoming calls will display an Incoming Call Window:


Use any of the following options to answer a call:

  • Pick up the handset
  • Press the  button or the Answer softkey to use the speakerphone
  • If you have an attached headset, press the Headset button

Handling incoming calls

 Besides answering the incoming calls you have other options to handle them:

  • Ignore the call by hitting the Ignore soft key 
    • This will silence the ringer on your phone but continue to display the caller info on the screen.  You can then choose to answer prior to the caller getting sent to voicemail or hanging up
  • Reject the call and send it to voicemail
    • This will silence your ringer and immediately send the caller to voicemail. In your callers list, this call would also show up as 'rejected'
  • Answer the call (as shown above) by hitting the Answer soft key

Options during a call

While you are on a call you can do the following:

Holding Calls

You can place an active call on hold. The Calls view will display the line on hold. The Lines view will display next to the line.
To hold a call:

  • From lines or Calls view, press the Hold soft key or button (reference Figure 1A).

To Resume a held call:
Perform one of the following options:

  • From Lines view, press the Resume soft key. If you have more than one call held, the last call you held will resume.
  • From Calls view, use the up and down arrow on the navigation key to highlight the held call, then press Resume

Parking Calls

Call Park is a feature that allows a person to put a call on hold at one telephone set and continue the call from any other telephone set configured in the park pickup group.
How to Park a call:

  • During an active call press the Park soft key. Phone configuration varies (park key may state Park1, Park2, etc. depending on the amount of park keys configured on your system).
  • The call you were on will be placed in a park queue which can be retrieved from any other phone within the park group.  Depending on configuration this may be local to the building you're located, or could be across multiple building locations.
    • The call will be transferred from your phone to the park queue. Other phones in the park pickup group will now see a flashing red light next to the park queue in which the call was parked

How to Retrieve a parked call:

  • Press Park, from any other phone configured in the same park pickup group. This will retrieve the call that was previously placed in the park queue. Note which Park queue that you parked the call in (i.e. If you park the call on Park2 then you must pickup that call on Park2).
    • There will be a flashing red light next to the park queue which has an available call to retrieve

Call Waiting

  • While on a call, if a new incoming call arrives you will hear a call waiting tone and the Incoming Call will display on your phone.
    • To answer the call press the Answer soft key. This will automatically place your active call on hold.
  • To send the incoming call to voicemail, press the Reject soft key.
  • If you do not answer the new incoming call, the Incoming Call window will disappear and the caller will goto voicemail. Press the navigation arrow down to view the missed call


Transferring Calls

When you transfer a call to another person you have the option to either do an attended call transfer, where you will speak privately to the person you're calling prior to the transfer or you can do an unattended (blind) transfer where you simply transfer the call without speaking to the person which you're transferring the call.

Perform an Attended Call Transfer:

  1. During an active call, press the Transfer soft key or Transfer button.
  2. From the phone dial pad, enter the number of the person you want to transfer the call to. Press the Send soft key to immediately dial or wait a few moments and the call will be placed.
  3. You will hear ring-back and once the person you called picks up, you may introduce the person you're transferring and provide any details, and then press Transfer soft key again, to finish the transfer.
  4. To cancel transfer before the call connects, press the Cancel soft key.

Perform a Blind Transfer:

  1. During an active call, press the Transfer soft key or Transfer button (review Figure 1A). The active call is held.
  2. From the phone, press the Blind soft key, and place a call to the person you want to transfer the call to. If you do not see Blind as an option, press More then Blind.
  3. Once you dial the number press Send or wait a few seconds and the call will transfer automatically to the intended recipient


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