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This article will help to answer FAQ (frequently asked questions) customers may have regarding the Internet services that Secom provides.

Q: What types of Internet service do you provide?

A: We provide Internet services to both residential and business customers utilizing either our fiber optic or fixed-wireless networks.  

Q: What do I need to get Secom's internet services?

A: There are a few things we'll need to verify first:

  1. We'll need to determine we can get service to your residence or business.  You can use our custom tool to find out if we can provide wireless service to your home.  For business customers interested in higher speed services over our fiber optic network, you can check our coverage map, but it's also helpful to submit a request for quote so that we can look at the specific location and make sure you're both near our fiber, and an access location we can provide service to you.
  2. Router or Internet gateway. You can either lease a router from Secom or provide your own.
    1. If you choose to lease one from us, Secom will be responsible for selecting the appropriate type to match well with your desired internet package, what types of devices will be connected to it, software updates for features and security and replacement of the device if it stops functioning.
    2. If you want to provide your own router you will need to make sure that your router has:
      1. Internet port is an Ethernet port (not DSL or Cable)
      2. Has the desired wi-fi capabilities (speed, range, capacity, etc)
      3. Has the desired number of Ethernet ports for devices like desktop PC's, Gaming consoles, or wired network printers
      4. Is up to date with security and features from the manufacturer
      5. You will be responsible for the maintenance and ownership of your router.  Secom will work with customers as best they can, but won't have any capability to adjust configuration or testing from your router.
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