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The Secom IP justification form is used when requesting new or additional static IPv4 address space from Secom. The form must be completed and approved before Secom can allocate the new IP address(es).  Please follow the guide below to fill out the form completely and accurately.  The fields in light blue are the fields that the user needs to fill in their response.

Organization Data

Fill out the information specific to your organization, or your personal information if for residential service.

IPs currently in use in your network

This section is where you provide information about the IP's you're currently using, whether they're provided by Secom or another carrier.

  • IP/subnet - this is the field where you enter the public IP addresses you're currently using.  Please either list out the IP's that have been assigned to you, if you've been assigned an entire subnet, please list the size of the subnet in CIDR notation.
  • # of IPs in use - indicate the total number of IP's that you're using from your current allocation.  Example if you've been assigned a /29 subnet, and are using 3 of those addresses, indicate that by filling in 3 in the appropriate field
  • Describe purpose/use - please summarize the purpose of the devices and/or services that you've allocated your static IPs to.
  • IPs assigned by - Name the provider who's provided you with the IP address(es)
  • Will you renumber out of these IPs - Provide a Yes or No on whether or not you'll be returning these currently used IP's back to the provider listed in the previous question.

IP Request

  • Number of Requested IPv4 addresses - Please provide the number of IP addresses you're requesting.  At this time we're typically limiting the number of IP's per request to 2-3 per Secom Internet service.
  • Secom Internet Service Type - Secom has two categories of Internet service, either Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or Secom Forte service (ex. our 200 Down/200 Up package)

Additional Information

Please fill in this field with supporting information on what services or devices for which you'll be using the newly requested IP addresses.  Secom will do it's best to work with you on accommodating this request, but also might share some suggestions that we have which would allow you to accomplish your goal without any additional IP addresses.


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