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Q: What is SmartHub

A:  SmartHub is Secom's online billing platform that allows you to view your account information including billing statements, balances and to make payments.

Q: How do I get to SmartHub

A: You can get to the online interface by clicking here, or browsing to

Q: What are the costs for using SmartHub?

A: There are no signup costs or subscription fees for using SmartHub.

Q: Is my online bill, account information and payment information confidential?

A: Yes. The SmartHub website is a secure website.

Q: I’m having trouble signing up for SmartHub.

A: Verify your account number and the Last name/Business Name that is on your bill.

Q: When is the payment I make charged to my credit card or checking account?

A: IMPORTANT NOTICE: It may take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full business day for your payment to be debited against your bank account or credit card, depending on the credit card company or bank.

Q: I can’t login. It’s telling me I have an invalid password.

A: Your password is case sensitive. You need to use the same password as when the account was set up. If you cannot remember the password you click on the “Can’t access your account?” link from the login page to reset the forgotten password.

Q: When I make a payment online will I get a confirmation number? How do I know if it went through?

A: Yes, you will receive a confirmation number after your transaction is recorded. Please keep this number as confirmation of your payment. Please note: it is your responsibility to ensure all payment information is entered correctly.

Q: I have been trying to pay my bill by using your online service. The computer tells me that my address doesn’t match the address on my credit card.

A: The address you provide must match the name and address to which the credit/debit card was issued (billing address). This is not always your listed service address. When you are on the credit/debit card payment screen change the address listed to the billing address on your credit card. Click submit when all the information has been entered to process the request. Nothing will be processed until the submit button is clicked.

Q: What if my e-mail address changes?

A: It’s easy to change. First, log in using your current email address. On the “My Profile” tab there is an option to “Update My Email Address or Password”. Use this email address the next time you login.

Q: If I’m already on the Automatic Bill Pay program, can I still use SmartHub even if I don’t want to pay online?

A: Yes, you can always use SmartHub as a way to view your bills, check your payments, report troubles, request account changes, etc…. You do not have to pay via SmartHub to view information.

Q: I made an online payment, but it is coming out of the wrong account. What do I do?

A: To cancel a payment, you will need to contact our office. Payments CAN NOT be cancelled if it has already been sent to the bank for processing.

Q: Who do I contact for technical difficulties when using SmartHub?

A: During business hours, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, contact Customer Service at 800-657-7149 or 719-383-1349. You may also email your questions to Describe the situation completely and include your name, address, account number, and e-mail address. We will make every effort to reply to emails within one business day or sooner. After hours, you may call 888-798-7783 or 719-384-7483.

Q: How do I unsubscribe?

A: It’s easy. First, log in and on the “My Profile” tab at the very bottom of the screen you’ll see the button to “Unsubscribe.” We like to hide it because we want you to use our SmartHub tool! 

Q: How do I change to paper/paperless bills?

A: Log in. On the “My Profile” tab select the Update My Printed Bill Settings to make a change.

Q: How do I change my stored payment info?

A: Log in, and on the “My Profile” tab select Update My Bank Account or Credit Card Information. This is for Stored Accounts only.

Q: How do I change my automatic payment info?

A: Log in. Select “Pay My Bill” or Billing & Payments tab. From this screen select the “Auto Pay Accounts” to Add, Change or Remove Automatic Bill Payments

Q: What forms of payment are accepted via SmartHub?

A: We will accept electronic payments from checking or savings accounts, Master Card, Visa and Discover cards, including debit cards.

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