OLMAPI32.dll error when installing CommPortal Assistant

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Summary of Error

When installing CommPortal Assistant, some Windows 10 customers that also have Outlook 2003 and newer have encountered an error that doesn't allow them to complete the install. Below are the steps that should fix this problem.

Details of the symptom

When CommPortal attempts to install it attempts to connect to Outlook to gather contact information. When Office is installed locally (as compared to Office 365 in the cloud) OLMAPI32.DLL may generate an error and force the CommPortal Assistant installer to close

Resolution Steps

Option 1

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office, or more specifically Outlook

Option 2

  1. Uninstall Microsoft Office and migrate to a cloud-based solution such as Office 365 or Google Apps
    This may affect your ability to use the contact import feature of CommPortal Assistant

If the above steps did not work and you'd like us to help, please let our Support team know by clicking the blue Help button in the lower right corner of this article.


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