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In this article we will help to answer some frequently asked questions that our customers have about Secom and our services.

Q: What services does Secom offer?


  • Internet to both Business and Residential customers.  Typically for business customers we provide services off of our state of the art fiber optic network.  You can learn more about our business plans here or for residential customers we often provide service over our high speed fixed-wireless network, which you can learn more about here
  • Voice to business and residential customers.  Secom offers standard telephone service, multiple business lines, digital trunks (T1s), and our state of the art hosted PBX services where we provide all the equipment and services, eliminating the need for complex on-site phone systems, and technical folks to support it.  You can learn more about our residential voice services here and business voice services here
  • Ethernet Data services, also referred to as Ethernet virtual private line, point to point Ethernet, or Metro Ethernet.  These services allow businesses to easily connect their main and branch offices to one another and share expensive network infrastructure and services transparently to those offices/sties.
  • Dark Fiber leased services.  For some carrier and enterprise customers, leasing strands of Secom's fiber allows them to meet their critical networking needs. With this service, Secom provides strands of fiber from one location to another and maintains the fiber, while the customer is responsible for whatever services they want to use on those strands. 

Service Specific FAQs:

See the below for FAQ's specific to services that Secom offers:

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